Monday, February 19, 2007

"You Are Not My Brother?"

You might remember that haunting kid's book called, "You Are Not My Mother?" by some author who delights in scaring young children with characters like The Snort... Never read it? Forgive me for reminiscing :) But I'm not really sure this is my brother. He thinks he's a bird, and (with a little encouragement) started slopping up nerds like birdseed.

Jeremy is definitely a fledgeling judging from the status of his wings, and his beak is obviously in the early stages of development, but he managed ok despite the inconvenience of a nose.

We've learned to expect this kind of thing from a goof like Jeremy. Read on :)

Someone sure likes snickerdoodles and watermelon! ;)

Hehe... Would it help if I said, "He's not my brother?"... :)

My Little Sister Likes Me...

...Because in my room we have a radio. Once I helped her discover the technological wonder of headphones, Christianna became addicted. While I'm studying, I hear something crawl into my room gurgling, and the baby promptly grabs a pair of headphones off the dresser and looks at me pleadingly. "Plug me in?!" Then she just sits there swaying and making strange noises--you wouldn't guess she's listening to classical music (especially with the hair-do!).

There's no doubt she looks cute in headphones!

"Wait, is this the channel I want?"

"Oh yeah..."