Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Crazy Cartoons

I drew the blue horse on the whiteboard first, and Matthew tried to copy it. Running out of room, he had to really elongate it--pretty goofy.

Monday, February 20, 2006

What Is It?

We can't come to any conclusions about what this pretzel looks like. Depending on the angle, it kinda' looks like a kid with a snow cap on, or a football helmet. What do ya think?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Check it out

My latest Photoshop fun.

Duck Stamp Update

I posted a summary of my progress on my new blog (see links). Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

When You Can't Get Snow...

...You sled on ice!! Aimee, Zach and Matthew were out there this morning conquering the slopes.

What could go wrong?

I hope Matthew noticed the obstacles.

Even more daring, Zach decided to stand--amazingly, he managed to keep his footing!

Here's a classic expression!

Our family is obviously very creative ;)

News Flash

Right'o, here we go. Just to let you know, I've started a new blog exclusively about art--painting, photography and all that--a place to express my artistic brilliance, and have fun with web formatting.:) Here's the link.

Right now, you might say I'm about half way done with my duck stamp entry (I'll post a picture update on "Brushstrokes") It's going surprisingly well, considering that I've never painted with acrylics before.

The weather's been pretty strange lately. Yesterday we got about 1 1/2" of snow, and today the sky is cobalt blue and the sun is Hansa Yellow Light! (sorry :D) Anyway, I'm going to try to get a bikeride in while it's sunny.

A few of us got new bands for our wristrockets which have little magnets in the pouch for holding shot. They'll be great for shooting BB's at popcans!

My speech is coming along. Wodehouse is great, but his plots are so integrated that it's hard to decide what to cut. I timed part of it yesterday, and I hit ten minutes before I'd even read half. Of course, I draw encouragement from those who have cut and performed stories like "The Magician's Nephew," but it's still not easy.

There's my little news flash--not a whole lot worth reporting but oh well, that's life.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It's Valentine's Day

I don't celebrate this holiday like everyone else--all I get out of it is candy. Anyway, I arranged a few Sweet Tarts, took a picture, and edited it in Photoshop (basically just a diffuse glow filter, with color adjustments). I currently have a similiar pic on my desktop--call me weird (you'd be right btw).

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Well, I'm Back

Hello. I suppose I should offer some iApologies for not posting recently. Yesterday, we went to another practice debate down in Salem--we won 2 out of 4 rounds. In speech club, we're doing humerous interpretives (basically acting out a piece of literature without props or costumes). My selection is a short story by Wodehouse.

A very cool photography site-->

That's all for now, but tommorrow I'll post some more interesting stuff.:)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Fires of Mt. Doom

A while ago, Daniel decided to burn his paper mache Mt. Doom, which he'd made about a year ago. (All it's missing is a few Nazgul flying around).

The Crack of Doom--looks like a pretty scary place.

Once the Ring was destroyed, Sauron's domain crumbled and the mountain collapsed into a pile of ashes.

The End

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Ah, Brilliance

I've pretty much come to the conclusion that a career in graphic design is in my future. The trick is determining what degree I need, and what classes will get me there. I'll probably be doing running start at Clark this fall, so I need to see what they offer. I recently got another Photoshop book from the library (great place to look) called "The Hidden Power of Photoshop" or something like that. The author says his goal is to provide advanced, practical training not usually found in manuals or other guides. Anyway, currently that's where I'm headed.

Pete, your CD is awsome! I loved track 8 (What's Happening?)--overall very well done.

Jonathan recently got a few new CD's. The first is "Dream Big" by Rubber Band--they have a unique sound. The first track, "Banjo Boy," was one of the highlights--a hillarious rap song about a fella who plays the banjo with a few breaks of Cripple Creek in between verses. (No, I don't make a habit of listening to rap, but this is clean, funny, and has more musical taste than most.) With a few exceptions, it's a pretty good CD.

Mike Marshall and Chris Thile released their new live album. Unfortunately the recording quality isn't tops, and their talent gets them carried away in a few 'songs.' There were several redeeming tracks, but depending on what kind of music appeals to you it's probably not worth your money.

J also got David Grisman's "Hot Dawg." More jazzy than most bluegrass of that era, it's a good CD. If you like bluegrass but have doubts, turn on KBOO on Saturday morning, listen for a few hours and I'm sure you'll be convinced that anything better than what they play is worth buying. (Occasionally they'll play some neat tunes, but on the whole, the program is usually a contest to see who does the best rendition of "She's gone and left me all alone and blue.")

Quote of the day:

Will Rogers: Reflections on American Life

"Our president delivered his message to congress. That is one of the things his contract calls for. It’s one of the few stipulated duties of the president—to tell congress the condition of the country. This message, as I say, is to congress. The rest of the people know the condition of the country, for they live in it, but congress has no idea what is going on in America, so the president has to tell ‘em."

Painting of the day:

Thomas Moran,Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, painted sometime in the late 1800's

Try to say this word over and over (get the pronounciation right): Truthtworsy

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Plethora of Pictures

Due to a lack of something substantial to say, I've decided to post some more pictures--lot's of 'em! These first two are from our trip to Sea World when we went down to San Diego for nationals last summer.

I don't know what they called this thing, but I call it a mudswoggling froggyfish. I want one! (How come pet stores don't stock these things?)

Here's a picture that I believe was taken by Mom at the whale show--pretty much a perfect shot!

Switching gears, here's a picture of my pride and joy--my Gold Star Gf-85 5-string banjer. (the white dots on the head are part of the pickup system)

And here are a few shots of last years attempt at making a "canjo," using a cookie tin for the body.

When we got a digital camera, I took a ton of pictures of various flowers around the house.

I had some fun with this one in Photoshop.

It's cartoon time!

A weird critter I drew a while back--some kind of moon bird I think.

I couldn't find a quote, so here's the Painting of the Day. (I love the atmospheric effect, and the soft colors).
Sanford Robinson Gifford--Gorge in the Mountains, Kauterskill Clove, 1862