Sunday, April 01, 2012

Utah 2012: Canyons, Arches, & Emerald Pools

We're having a great time down here in Zion NP! I'll write up more detailed posts later, but in the meantime, enjoy some photos from the past few days.

Kolob Canyons. This place was incredible!

This would have made an ideal campsite. Partially because it would have cut our hiking time in half!

We camped here instead (well, this was the view from our campsite). Breathtaking!

The Kolob Arch. It's the second longest natural freestanding arch in the world. And we saw it. Booyah!

Stormy weather rolled in this morning.

The Upper Emerald Pools

The sheer cliffs around the Upper Pools

The quintessential view of Zion Canyon (featuring The Watchman on the left)