Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Merry Christmas

A belated MERRY CHRISTMAS to my numerous readers ;). We certainly had a good time this season. I wish I could post pictures of our tree before Christmas Eve--we always have tons of presents and this year was no exception. Grandpa and Grandma gave us a nice Yamaha keyboard, and a couple of other things, including the money for our amp. And Jonathan and I finally got a tuner!! It's really nifty--clamps right onto the instrument and is about 2"x3/4". I certainly kept busy with all sorts of projects as soon as school was out. But it's not over yet, because Sarah's wedding is on Saturday, and we've got to be prepared to play for a while.

Something pretty funny happened this morning. I got out of bed at about 8:45, and rummaged around for my navy blue t-shirt. I found it, but when I tried to put in on, discovered that there were no holes to be found. Somehow a pillowcase had found it's way into my drawer! Very weird...

I hate to make too many promises--I beleive I said I would post my research paper soon--but once I figure out hosting, I'll post some pics of my banjo. It looks great, sounds better, and weighs a ton. And I may experiment with posting some of my artwork, but we'll see.

Last night we watched Rich Christiano's movie Time Changer. Overall, it was pretty good, but the main character's scripting and acting needed some work. His new movie Unidentified is due sometime soon.

Once again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and don't get your hopes up about a new post before January!


SkyStrider said...

In case you didn't know, Blogger will host images. When you make a new post, just click on the image button. (profound, eh?)

Benjamin said...

thanks, I've tried it on the highspeed at Dad's office, but since then it hasn't worked.