Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Plethora of Pictures

Due to a lack of something substantial to say, I've decided to post some more pictures--lot's of 'em! These first two are from our trip to Sea World when we went down to San Diego for nationals last summer.

I don't know what they called this thing, but I call it a mudswoggling froggyfish. I want one! (How come pet stores don't stock these things?)

Here's a picture that I believe was taken by Mom at the whale show--pretty much a perfect shot!

Switching gears, here's a picture of my pride and joy--my Gold Star Gf-85 5-string banjer. (the white dots on the head are part of the pickup system)

And here are a few shots of last years attempt at making a "canjo," using a cookie tin for the body.

When we got a digital camera, I took a ton of pictures of various flowers around the house.

I had some fun with this one in Photoshop.

It's cartoon time!

A weird critter I drew a while back--some kind of moon bird I think.

I couldn't find a quote, so here's the Painting of the Day. (I love the atmospheric effect, and the soft colors).
Sanford Robinson Gifford--Gorge in the Mountains, Kauterskill Clove, 1862


Anonymous said...

Fun post! :) And maybe this is a dumb question, but did you "draw" that Snoopy in PhotoShop or Paint or something like that?

That glowing blue flower is really amazing. I can't wait till I can figure out how to make stuff like that in PS. :)

I like your Painting of the Day, too!

Benjamin said...

No, I didn't actually draw the Snoopy cartoon. I just found it on my computer and decided to post it. I must have gotten it off the Peanuts website.

The flower wasn't too tough, just a matter of inverting the colors (the original flower was white and pink) and playing around with color balance and all that.