Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Happy 11th birthday Aimee! The weather's just great isn't it? :)

Happy 15th b-day to Daniel (in advance). We're leaving for California tommorrow, so you're birthday will be spent in the car most of the day...what fun! :) Actually we're going to stop at the Oregon Caves and the giant Sequoias on the way, so that will be neat.

Not a lot to report, but I had to post, sooo... I'm sure Christopher wouldn't mind me posting this since most everyone knows it by know. He applied for the Vision Forum internship program, and last week learned that he's been accepted! So he'll be heading down to San Antonio Texas in early August to stay for about 5 months. It's funny to hear Mom briefing him on how and what to buy, what to cook and all that. :) This is a great opportunity for him, and we wish him the best!

Oh, and he also ordered a camera yesterday--a Canon Powershot A620 with a card, batteries and a charger. I'm still saving... :( Well, have a great week, and I'll be sure to post some more before we leave again for Colville on the 22.

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