Monday, April 21, 2008

Christian Heritage Conference 2008

Last weekend our family had the privilege of attending the third annual Christian Heritage Homeschooling and Family Discipleship conference in Redmond Washington, an event very much looked forward to and enjoyed by our family and friends. This year the theme was "Providence and Perseverance." Just as we expected it was an extraordinarily encouraging conference, with such speakers as Doug Phillips (Vision Forum, TX), Donald Chittick (Answers in Genesis), Roger Erber, Ryan Yamane (Global Learning Strategies), and several others, casting vision, dispelling myths and false philosophies, and encouraging a thoroughly Biblical approach to home education, leadership and family life.

Though I attended all the keynotes and several of the other sessions, most of my time was spent rehearsing in the chorale, directed by Neil Craig. We performed four stirring selections at the conclusion of the conference, including arrangements of "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name," "Hallelujah Praise Jehovah," and "The Lords Prayer."

On Friday night we were treated to a program of musical performances, and a passionate historical reenactment of Patrick Henry's (Joshua Erber) plea before the House to prepare and arm for certain war. You may recognize some of these gentlemen.

Friday night was the official "Family Night," with varied vocal and instrumental performances from some very talented homeschoolers.

The "Stars & Stripes" ensemble sang, "God Bless America"

The Overman family and Aaron and Sarah Hall, performed "Hornpipe" by Handel and "Concerto Grosso No. 8 in G Minor" by Corelli.

David Craig played a great marimba arrangement of "Circus Renz" by G. Peter, accompanied by his father Neil Craig.

Daniel Craig sang a solo as well as a duet with his sister Annalisa, it was really amazing.

The vendor hall had an almost constant flow of traffic, mostly around the Vision Forum booth. Nathan and Peter were very occupied, but never too busy to hold babies.

After Mr. Phillips' final address to the conference attendees, we gathered the troops, bid farewell to all the friends and acquaintances we met on our way to the door and went out to eat with several families that live in our area. The sight of 60-70 people crowding through the doors must have made the restaurant employees slightly nervous. :)

Like last year, the conference was life-changing in many ways. Many thanks to the Bradrick family and everyone else who made it happen.

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