Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Family Portraits

Minolta 5D, 50mm, monopod, f1.4 @ 1/40

Minolta 5D, 50mm, monopod, f4 @ 1/100

Minolta 5D, 50mm, tripod, f5.6 @ 1/5

All photos © Benjamin Berkompas 2008


Adam Nisbett said...

Wow, that last one's awfully sharp for a shutter speed of 1/5! Nice photo composition on all of them too!

Anonymous said...

50mm shots, yay!! You're photography is amazing, Benj - keep shooting.

Benjamin said...

I didn't even realize I shot that portrait at 1/5 till you mentioned it. My tripod was the key there.

There's actually kind of a funny story behind the shot of Katrina. The light was filtering through a high window in the entryway, providing a little "box" of very intense illumination on the rug, so the exposure was virtually impossible especially since my subject was wearing a white dress! I had Zach grab me a white bed-sheet which he suspended in the path of the light to diffuse it--stepping forward or backward to vary the amount of light that hit the subject. Understandably after about 10 minutes of this his arms were fatigued and he passed on the responsibility to Aimee, who started her mild protests about 5 minutes later... I managed to appease her by promising her to pay $1 for her service--which I did promptly after the light dwindled to the point where I could no longer shoot.

It's a very sweet shot though, so I'm glad I (and my siblings) put in the effort.