Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our New House!

Well, now that our VF internship is over we had to move out of our previous rental to make room for the new guys. I left for a two-week vacation on July 24, not knowing where we'd be living when I came back. Brantley and Tyler, with the help of our former landlady found a neat little guest house that we're able to rent at an INCREDIBLE monthly rate. God has blessed us so much with this little place (and I do mean "little").

I believe it's around 550 sq. feet total, complete with a little kitchen, bathroom, walk-in closet, "bedroom," and a living area where we have our sofa. I'm still working on organizing my stuff inside, so I haven't taken pictures of the interior just yet. But here are some shots of the outside, and the best part...the pool. We have permission from our landlady to swim whenever we want, so I dove in this afternoon and it was amazing! Warm, clear, refreshing... But I don't want to make anyone too jealous, so I'll leave off the description right there.

The house from the alley way. There's room to park there, but as for me and my Honda we will park on the driveway out front. Don't want to compete with the garbage truck in the morning you know...

Same view from the alley. There's a walkway up to our landlady's garage. The "front door" of our place is on the right.

The back patio area. It's got room for a grill, some tools and our bikes. Who could want anything more?

Another view of the back patio.

And the best part of all - the pool. It's sooo nice to have one of these in TX, and we have it almost all to ourselves!


Jason D. said...

So what area of San Antonio are you at now? Any closer to 281 & 1604?

Jason D. Manion

Benjamin said...

No, actually we're just one street over from where we lived before. Too bad we're not closer to you guys, but I'm sure we can still arrange get-togethers every now and then.