Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just Got Volume 1!

After some fairly significant publishing delays I just received Volume 1 of Dr. Joe Morecraft's 5-Volume series on the Westminster Larger Catechism, entitled Authentic Christianity.

"Not since 1731 has the Reformed world seen a comprehensive commentary on its most detailed standard of faith, The Westminster Larger Catechism... Culminating a lifetime of learning, preaching, and pastoral care, this five-volume work incorporates the most stalwart of Reformed theology from recent centuries as well as past masters, and exegetes the teachings of the Catechism through potent insight, consistent application, and relentless recourse to God’s Word. In a time when the Church faces many doctrinal challenges, Morecraft’s Commentary calls her back to the foundations of the Reformed faith, directing her to the spiritual power of God’s Word as taught in the Larger Catechism."

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