Thursday, February 04, 2010

Photo of the Day

"Birds and Lines"
132mm, f6.7, 1/60, Canon 7D, processed in Lightroom

Well it's been rainy here in San Antonio for the past few days. Since everything looks so gloomy, my photographic opportunities are somewhat limited, but I've still been trying to get out and shoot for a few minutes on my way home from work. Tonight I was driving through a very familiar intersection and noticed the huge flock of grackles and starlings that gathers there every evening to hang out and party on the power lines. I almost didn't stop to get the shot, but reconsidered and took about 10 minutes trying to frame it right.

This photo had barely any color to begin with so I simply processed it in black and white, and decided to focus mainly on contrast and leading lines. I actually think it turned out kind of neat.

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