Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vintage Coffee!

I recently picked up some more photography gear, including an umbrella (the reflective type used by photographers, not the kind you take out into a rainstorm), a soft-box, and some stands. Most of the guys I room with were out today so I had the apartment all to myself for a few hours this evening, giving me the opportunity to completely rearrange the dining room table and spend some time photographing...what! Here are some of the best shots.


AndraLea Rose said...

The pictures are great, they make me want a hot cup of coffee right now, but seeing as it's 8pm that's probably not a good idea.

Jonathan and Chelsea said...

Oh wow Benj... You have no idea how good that coffee looks!! Especially with the whipped cream on top... I guess that's the reaction you were going for huh?


Benjamin Berkompas said...

Thanks! It was fun. I'll have to post one or two of the color versions - those look pretty tasty too.

Jess said...

WOW-that is amazing!!! I have always wanted to do the SAME thing, but never have had the chance. I wanted to take 3 different pictures of coffee, then put them in 3 frames, next to eachother on a wall. Maybe one in black and white, one in sepia, and one in a high contrast color. I am not quite sure yet...but it's and idea. :)
...good job.