Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Snowshoeing Silver Star Mt. 2011

On New Years Day, me and a few of my brothers and friends decided to take a shot at our first snowshoeing excursion ever. It was even more adventurous than we had imagined, it strained our muscles and opened our eyes to the difficulties and rewards that come with this type of hiking. Jonathan provided a great in-depth overview of the hike, so I'll just post a brief overview along with some of my photos.

Christopher and I were up at 7:00 on Saturday morning to get ready. I took the extra time to heat up some water and make some hot chocolate to bring along - we were grateful for it later! Jonathan and I approached this trip like we typically do - as photographers first, hikers second - so we both prioritized camera gear over other things. His pack takes a hydration pouch, so he was able to bring enough along; me, on the other hand? Well, who needs water when you could pack camera gear instead?

Since then, I've gotten a bigger and better camera bag. Oh yeah...

Duty calls in other areas so I'll have to cut this post short and let the photos explain the rest. Enjoy!

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