Saturday, December 24, 2011


I sometimes like to read over my previous posts to check for errors, and, in my recent perusal, I discovered some things that needed clarifying in the post I wrote a few days ago, entitled "Skipping Church to Celebrate... Jesus' Birth?"; please allow me to clarify.
When churches decide that their celebration of Christmas can, and even ought, to preclude normally scheduled Sunday worship, it's clear that they have their priorities skewed.
First, here's what I'm not saying. I don't mean to argue that churches ought to disregard Christmas in order to observe regular Sunday worship.

The way I see it, the conjunction of Christmas and Sunday worship is a wonderful thing! What better time and place to commemorate the birth of Christ? What I failed to say in my post was that, when I referred to peoples' celebration of Christmas, I was referring to the "traditional," "material" things. I was talking about people who would rather stay home and open gifts than allow their festivities to be interrupted by church.

If what we are really celebrating is Christ's incarnation, then why the reluctance (for some) to go to church? The two overlap (i.e. Christmas and worshipping God) – they're not mutually exclusive!

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