Thursday, March 29, 2012

Utah 2012: First Day in Zion National Park

Ever since our trip through Utah last year, Jonathan and I have been itching to get back down here. So we did. Chelsea and Mike are along this time and we're down here for about 8 days to hike, backpack, and just enjoy the outdoors. This is a quick update from Zion Lodge (I've got internet!).

We pulled in late around midnight last night, but thankfully we had already reserved a campsite so that wasn't a concern.

Today, we hiked about 10.5 miles up to Observation Point, including a detour into Hidden Canyon. The canyon called for some scrambling and I got to experience the unpleasant feeling of losing my grip on a sandy, slick rock face, and just about sliding off an 8-foot drop-off into a pool of water. Jonathan grabbed me before I fell and Mike was down below to help catch me. Fun times!

Tomorrow, we're planning to head out into the backcountry to hike the West Rim Trail. That will be an overnight trip. We'd appreciate prayers for safety. So far, so good!

I'll type up more detailed reports when I get home. Enjoy a few photos from today below.

Echo Canyon 

View from Observation Point

Hidden Canyon - scramble or be scrambled

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