Thursday, January 19, 2006

I Got Tagged

I couldn't come up with the 5 weirdest things about me but here are some nominees:

1. I’m pretty good at sewing by hand (buttons are a breeze)
2. If I’m writing something on my computer I generally save it after every couple of sentences
3. I’m crazy about flashlights
4. I like the smell of boat-motor smoke
5. I kind of like pink and purple (I’m an artist, what can you expect?)
6. My bed is always a wreck (it’s the bed’s fault, not mine)
7. I get upset about scratches, dents or tiny nicks in almost all my belongings
8. I wear an apron sometimes (...when I’m painting:)
9. My computer cursor is shaped like a banjo
10. I won’t eat anything that’s fallen on the floor/ground—unless it’s candy (that’s pretty weird in our family;)
11. Apple computers rock (some friends would think that’s strange)
12. Banjos are better than mandolins (it’s true!!!)
13. Someday, I’ll cover my desk with little cactuses
14. I can’t stand cucumbers, cherry tomatoes or avocado

Here's a weird quote for ya!:

“I’m perfectly normal—my siblings are all isotopes”

Good night...:)

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Anonymous said...

Haha, that was great! ;)