Tuesday, May 16, 2006

In 1492...

You don't know your history until you've read these! Most were made up by my siblings--I won't mention any names. :)

In 1491, Columbus sailed without his gun

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean goo

In 1493, Columbus climbed his first tree

In 1494, Columbus sailed the ocean floor

In 1495, Columbus made his first dive

In 1496, Columbus his first lollipop licks

In 1496, (we had a tie) Columbus discovered trail mix

In 1497, Columbus turned 11!

In 1498, Columbus sailed in a crate

In 1499, Columbus sailed too fast and got a fine

Now go and impress your friends with your new knowledge! They'll believe you...really. :)


chelsea said...

It's SAIL mix Benj!!!! Oh and just for the record, I had NOTHING to do with it. Right? ;-)

Benjamin said...

Right, thanks for the correction. I wonder who made that one up? :)

chelsea said...

T'wasn't me! :-D Although, naturally, I provided the inspiration. jk.

Jonathan said...

Yeah, I wonder who did make that up...Must've been someone with a heaping helping of genius. Aided, of course, by whoever-it-was's trusty inspirer! ;-)

chelsea said...

Hmmm... now I REALLY wonder who it was! ;-)