Monday, January 29, 2007

Some Quick Quotes From Calvin

Consider this first quote in light of 9/11 and the pietistic response it received from unbelievers.

"...A sense of divinity is by nature engraven on human hearts. For necessity forces from the reprobate themselves a confession of it. In tranquil times they wittily joke about God, indeed are facetious and garrulous in belittling His power. If any occasion for despair presses upon them, it goads them to seek him and impels their perfunctory prayers. From this it is clear that they have not been utterly ignorant of God, but that what should have come forth sooner was held back by stubbornness."

I found Calvin's comments on the innate knowledge of God in mankind very well-stated and true.

"Indeed vanity joined with pride can be detected in the fact that, in seeking God, miserable men do not rise above themselves as they should, but measure him by the yardstick of their own carnal stupidity, and neglect sound investigation; thus out of curiosity they fly off into empty speculations. They do not therefore apprehend God as He offers Himself, but imagine Him as they have fashioned Him in their own presumption. When this gulf opens, in whatever direction they move their feet, they cannot but plunge headlong into ruin."

This reminded me of the Greeks--all pagan civilizations in fact--who fashioned gods in their own image, worshipping things which they themselves created to rule over them. When men reject God, they worship themselves and the things they have made, becoming slaves to their own sinful nature.

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Anonymous said...

Great quotes and thoughts!

(I haven't been able to comment on your art blog so...)

Your recent Duck Stamp painting is turning out great! I really like the choice of background colors and the duck looks so real already. Thanks for posting the progress.