Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We've Got Snow

As I write, there's a good 5-6" of fluffy white stuff coating our yard. It's been so cold lately that the snow stuck without difficulty and will probably remain for several days. I haven't gone sledding yet, but from all reports it's pretty good!


chelsea said...

Ha! That one of Zach is awesome! Gotta keep that one. I got some good pics today of the snow at our house including the 9 ft very scary snow-thing that Manny and Braden made. I tried to get some action shots of the kids slidding down the play set slide into an ice "tunnel" they made but my action thing on my camera isn't all that great.... Ah well. :-)

Anonymous said...

The snow was definitely fun! I was mostly happy because I'd been wanting some shots of different things covered in snow, but it wasn't fun for the people with places to go in our family.

Those are great action shots! The bird is beautiful with the snow falling around it as well.