Friday, May 04, 2007

For the Ducks

Our neighborhood borders on a large tract of state land, where we've seen Wood Ducks from time to time, so this year Daniel, Michael and I decided to help 'em out and put up a nesting box. I think they breed from late March through early summer, so our timing should be about right. We spent about $12-15 on lumber and hardware at Home Depot, maybe an hour of construction time, and a few weeks waiting for someone to volunteer to haul it 3-something miles to our planned location :) Finally I decided to just get it over with and, accompanied by my brother Daniel we got it set up right next to a perfect little secluded patch of flooded timber, where it will be easy to monitor without disturbance. Those ducks had better appreciate it. ;-) Of course this thing is like a luxury hotel suite compared to the woodpecker excavations that Wood Ducks usually nest in!

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