Sunday, June 03, 2007

I can hear everyone asking...

..."Where are you?" This past week was really busy, but apart from that I really don't have any excuses so I won't even try. Actually last week we had the pleasure of entertaining Adam Nisbett, a fellow Christian homeschooler--and birder--who I began corresponding with over email about a year ago. It was great to finally meet him, and boy did we have a fun time! Adam lives in a famly of 10 kids in Missouri, won the Federal Junior Duck Stamp art contest in 2003 (which is my goal as you may know from reading my art blog), and the Young Birder of the Year contest in 2005 (I placed 2nd last year), he enjoys photography, painting, drawing, birding, and graphic design. It's no wonder I was thrilled to have him come up here for a week! We visited Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge a few times, Long Beach and Cape Disappointment on the WA coast, the Ellensburg/Yakima area, and Mt. St. Helens all in one week, each taking hundreds of photos (I kept about 900) and finding quite a few new birds. Rather than trying to pack everything into one post, I'm just going to briefly cover our activities day by day. Enjoy.

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