Monday, October 15, 2007

Latest Artwork

I recently entered the following paintings and drawings in the American Birding Association's Young Birder of the Year contest (find more about it here). Last year I entered three of the four modules and got second place overall, but this year in a determined effort to achieve first prize, I ambitiously set out to compete in all four categories: illustration, which involves painting and drawing birds that interest you, field notebook, where you observe and sketch live wild birds (this is hard, believe me--it forces you to look very closely and remember the tiniest of details, thank goodness I won an excellent binocular in last year's contest!), photography, and writing essays about your bird-related experiences and observations. The whole project nearly swallowed me alive, but I persevered and pulled it off. Even though I have a procrastination problem, the intensity of those final moments before the deadline really gets me motivated again. I hope you enjoy my work.

"A Matter of Life and Death"--Western Kingbird
graphite on watercolor paper, 9x12"

"Pier Pressure"--American White Pelicans
acrylic on illustration board, 11x14"

"Brer Big-eyes"--Western Screech Owl
pen&ink on illustration board, 9x12"

"Lewis and Clark"--Lewis' Woodpecker and Clark's Nutcracker
pen &ink and watercolor on watercolor paper, 9x12"

"Poised for the Kill"--Peregrine Falcon
pen&ink on foamboard, 9x12"

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