Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Vancouver Lake This Morning

It feels like summer in southern Washington folks--sunny, 70 degrees--we're enjoying it. I took the opportunity this morning to drive out early to Vancouver Lake to see the sunrise and scout for waterfowl photography (and hunting!) areas.

At the first beep from my obnoxious alarm I involuntarily flew out of bed and silenced it...but it was too late. I remembered why I was getting up early and I was already too awake to go back to sleep. My alarm never does any good unless it's out of arm's reach :)

The interstate was really slow as I approached Clark College, but I was able to skip that and get right on Fourth Plain Blvd. which took me out to the Vancouver Lake lowlands. It seemed that the intense fog would prevent a productive morning, but actually it produced some amazing lighting effects as the sun mounted above the trees.

This little Barn Swallow was so cold he didn't want to move, which suited me just fine. I love the light and colors in this photo.

Though I only saw a few ducks (no water yet), geese were flying everywhere and would often come close enough for some decent shots (with a camera you understand...at least until goose season opens :)

The main reason I like to get out super early is that (it's good for me!...) wildlife is always more active at dawn and dusk, and the light is much prettier (instead of harsh midday light, you get a more diffused orange glow).

I enjoyed every moment of being out there in the marsh, and when I got to class by 10:00 I couldn't help but wonder if most of my classmates even know what it's like to witness something so beautiful.


Jacqueline said...

I didn't know you were going to college, what are you studying?
BTW Great Pictures.

Benjamin said...

Thanks Jacqueline.

Right now I'm taking Music Theory I, Ear Training (with the same instructor), and a weight training course (as in lifting weights, not gaining it... :) Our local community college offers a program for highschool seniors that allows them to take college courses for two years free of charge. The college culture is somewhat depressing, but otherwise it's been a positive experience. It's nice that I'm not living a thousand miles from home!

Sonja said...

It's crazy that it's warmer in Washington than in Oklahoma! Oh, and how are you liking Music Theory and Aural skills? I have those classes with the same teacher, too. They're pretty fun, and my teacher is really great. Oh, and I like your pictures!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, lovely shots, as always, Benj! That's some fog...

Hey, college! And you, at it, wow! Life moves fast. :)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY (late) 18th BIRTHDAY, BENJ! I hope you an a great day! :)

Benjamin said...

Thanks Hannah, Saturday was fun. I visited the Ridgefield wildlife refuge early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise the weather and the birds (now getting photos for my next duck stamp painting).

Jonathan and Chelsea, and Jeremy V. came over for dinner and a game of CashFlow (a great financial board game where you learn to deal with Real Estate, the stock market, "doodads", mortgages, all to get out of the "rat race") Daniel scored it big when his collection of a couple thousand $1 stocks skyrocketed to $40, but he was only a secretary--how much fun is that?! This airline pilot placed second with a grand total of $946,000. I bought my African Photo Safari dream too... :)