Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Links

I've just added some great new links under the "Art" category. I particularly recommend artist Alistair Butt's website for some fantastic landscape and scenic work in watercolor and oils. Right now I'm working on expanding my watercolor supplies--buying more paint (some new colors!), which is very expensive--so that I can get start to get a grasp of that medium over the spring and summer. (Btw, for those who may be interested I'm completely in love with Arches watercolor paper--it has the most incredible texture and feel, nothing like the cheap "plastic" texture you get in the less expensive papers. The process by which high-quality watercolor paper is made is really fascinating...but that's another post. If you're looking for a great surface to paint or draw on be sure to give Arches a try! Ahhh! I must buy some...soon)

Well, off to bed or I'll never be able to get up for class tomorrow. I have some new art in the works, so check back for updates!

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