Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In Defense of Male Cooks

The grill - this is where it all begins.

Pepper steak

Teriyaki shish-kabobs

Beef shish-kabobs

Italian herb chicken

BBQ wings

Flaming wings

Chipotle chicken

More wings

The proper response to a good meal.


Christopher said...

Was this all one event? That's quite the selection!

Benjamin said...

No these were separate meals. It probably would have taken me all day to make all of these dishes at once - but to think...all of that food in one meal! That would be something.

Jacqueline said...

Wow! Great pictures, and fabulous looking food!

Esther Zimmerman said...

That all looks so amazing!
And, I agree with Jacq...good pictures!

Benjamin said...

Thanks everyone.

Who could have guessed that cooking could be so much fun!? :)

Jonathan and Chelsea Berkompas said...

Wow Benj! I had almost given up on checking your blog--glad I peeked at it. I agree with your Mom--you're cooking when you get home! Did you see the steak that I grilled for Jonathan? I wish you could grill all year round. My Mom has a to die for recipe for grilled peach pork chops that I'm gonna try to get out of her as soon as the peaches are in. If I suceed I might give it to you. ;-)

Benjamin said...

The fact is, in Texas, you CAN grill all year round. It's much more pleasant during the "colder" months though.

I want the peach pork recipe, it sounds yummy. :)

Benjamin Serven, Foodie said...

Hey Ben,

I just found your blog. Fun stuff. I thought you might be interested in a grilling blog I follow. They have some great recipe's.

Benjamin Serven

P.S. Started my own blog too.