Monday, May 10, 2010

Coastal Photo Expedition: Part 1

As I mentioned in my last post, I have wanted to visit the Texas coast in spring for a long time, and I spent the last month or so pulling together the gear and final details for my trip which happened last weekend. Over the next few days I'll be posting a series of entries on the trip, including a special post on the photo gear I used, many of my favorite images, stories, geeky tidbits and more.

I'm a cheapskate by nature, so I decided to camp on the beach to save money on a hotel. Mustang Island State Park was "base camp" and I mapped out a few other nearby locations I wanted to visit during my stay.

Mustang Island is not really it's own "island," but it essentially the northern tip of Padre Island, which stretches about 130 miles along the TX coast in the Gulf of Mexico (it's also the world's longest barrier island). It's located about 10 miles from a quaint little seaside town called Port Aransas (which I'll post some pictures of later).

I've heard stories about camping on the beach. I have friends and family who have done it...but I never had. So, I had no idea what to prepare for - and that's usually a recipe for disaster.

Tomorrow, I'll post more details about my first night "camping." In a nutshell, I roasted sausages over a little campfire and listened to Geoff Botkin on my iPod, my tent broke in the wind so I slept in my car, and hardly got any sleep at all... Like I said, more on that later. For now, enjoy some of the images I shot on Friday.

Brown Pelican

(I'm super happy with these images - they're some of my very first successful flight shots, and let me tell you something - they're not easy!)

Laughing Gull

(if I knew the specific species I'd include it, but to me a turtle is just a turtle :)

The pond and boardwalk where above turtle was photographed (no alligators in here thankfully - at least, I didn't see any...)

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