Monday, March 24, 2008

Bittner's Farewell Party

Last Sunday Daniel and I had the pleasure of attending the farewell party for our friends the Bittner family up in Olympia. It was a great evening, complete with volleyball, English country dancing, icy polar winds straight from the Arctic tundra mixed with drizzling rain :), singing, good food, discussion and fellowship. We pray for their safe journey across the country to Maryland, and that God would bless them as they get established on the east coast.

Note: I didn't take all these photos (or I wouldn't be in any of them... :)


Stephen B said...

Fantastic photos, Sir Unknown Photographer. It's too bad that we didn't do more than 2 hrs worth of dancing, though.

Jacqueline said...

Great post and Pictures Benjamin.
Thanks for all y'alls prayers, and we have indeed made it here safely!

Benjamin said...

That's great news Jacqueline, but it sounds like you all found yourself in an interesting predicament when you arrived. :) I'm sure God will provide you all with a place to stay for the next few weeks.

Agreed Stephen, people need time to figure out how to dance and then actually do it! It was lots of fun though.