Thursday, March 27, 2008


Yesterday afternoon Daniel, Mike and I found ourselves over at Jonathan and Chelsea's new house painting the kitchen and the bedroom in preparation for their move this weekend. Things got pretty hysterical after a while, once we started philosophizing about etymology and candy. Mike complained that he was bored, so I threatened to fire him, and then Chelsea came by and said that she would fire him, to which he responded, "Fire me then. I've got two dollars!"

I was Rembrandt, and Daniel was Picasso the "ladder" day saint (because he spent most of his time painting near the ceiling, and employed very bold stokes). "Don't worry Daniel. Rembrandt will fix you." :)

A name didn't come readily for Mike, so he was known as "lazy boy," "slacker" and so on (all in good fun of course).

Daniel coined our company name, "Sloppy Joe's Painting Co." (though of course there wasn't a "Joe" among us...) and despite the frightening images that name evokes, I think we did a pretty good job overall.

The kitchen is painted a deep red ("Red, Red Wine" to be exact :), which needs several coats for good coverage, but it will look really nice when everything is put back together and cleaned up. The bedroom is a sort of eggshell blue.


Anonymous said...

Haha, I 'bout died looking at those pictures! You all are quite funny. But it did end up looking great! :)

Congrats on the Grand Prize, too - you deserve it, Benj!

Benjamin said...

The kitchen ended up getting more than 3 coats, so now it looks really good. Yesterday as we were lugging couches, appliances and furniture around I think Chelsea was a little bit nervous about her new paint. :) Understandable.

Anonymous said...

so....i didn't see your ad in the yellow book. glad i stumbled onto this blog. are the sloopy joe's for hire or do y'all just paint for fun?

looks like it was a successful day all around!

red is as red does, i guess.

Josiah Woltersdorf said...

Ha, Ha! My Uncle Leonard (Though he's not really an Uncle, just a cousin), the one who was a helicopter pilot during Vietnam could paint a whole house like that in completely white clothes and come not looking like had had painted a building in his life.

Did the name, "loafer" ever come to mind?

Jonathan and Chelsea's house looks wonderful with that paint. Tell Chelsea that I said if any of her paint was defaced in the smallest way, that you would strip the whole wall of paint, and repaint it yourself, by yourself...