Friday, March 28, 2008

Grand Prize!

I was eating lunch (for once!) this afternoon when the guys hauled in a package with my name on it. Incidentally the mailman had to walk it up our driveway since we had about 2 inches of snow on the ground and he didn't want to put chains on just to get up the driveway... :) Everyone was gathered around me murmuring in excited undertones (well, some were), and I made them wait until I finished off my last slice of garlic bread--very slowly to build the suspense. It turned out to be my new Leica 8x42 Ultravid binoculars, and from my brief "field tests" (ie. peeking out the door between snow flurries) they are above and beyond what I expected! I wish I could show you what it's like to look through these. Leica sure makes some fantastic optical instruments.

Now I have four binoculars, a Leica 8x42 Ultravid, Leica 8x32 Trinovid, Stokes 8x42 Talon, and my Nikon 7x35's. It's great to have so many around for my younger siblings to use when they come birding with me.

Here's a shot of all the loot I've gathered over the last two years of entering the Young Birder of the Year contest--most of the materials on the right are this year's prizes. I can't recommend this competition highly enough for anyone interested in birds! It's been a fantastic time of learning, study, and growth in my art, photography and writing skills, and most importantly has led me to a better understanding of and love for this special part of Creation.

I'm going to go paint now.

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