Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Boston at night

The first night we went exploring around the hotel, the Boston Gardens and Commons and some of the surrounding streets. These photos (shot without a tripod unfortunately) give you a sense of Boston at night. You want to go out prepared (i.e. running across a group of sleeping homeless people out by the swan boats in the Boston Gardens can be somewhat unsettling) but it's amazing to see the city all lit up.

An apartment complex right across from the hotel

One side of the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.

The BPPH is shaped like a big slice of pie, bordered on one side by Stuart St. and on the other by Arlington St.

Some other buildings viewed from the Gardens.

The "rotunda" building in the center of the Boston Commons. Oh, and Noah, Joseph and Tyler too (left to right).

Joseph looking contemplative. He said he was going for the "album art" look. Except you don't often see album art where the artist is scratching his head...

Noah scrutinizing his maps. "Boy, this place is messed up..."

"...but I'm ready for anything!" And he was.

Lights and trees.

Three VF interns perched comfortably in the Boston Commons. A rare species.

A baseball field. Apparently a big deal in Boston.

Charles St. runs directly between the Commons and the Gardens, but I can't remember which side this shot was taken from. I just liked the gate and the lighting I guess.

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