Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grabbing a bite to eat in Boston

There was a convenient food court one block from the Boston Park Plaza hotel (where the Reformation 500 event was held), so I stopped in there for dinner on occasion. It was one of the more unusual food courts I've seen in my day, with a very tall ceiling, lots of glass and modern sculpture dangling over our heads. And it seemed really empty all the time, even during peak meal hours.

They had two Chinese restaurants, a grilled sandwich place, two pizza kitchens, and a Dunkin' Donuts among other things. The Chinese food grabbed my eye, so I ordered some of their pork and fried rice, and when Tyler and Noah saw what I had ordered they both said, "Give me the same thing you gave him." I guess they trust me when it comes to food!

I tried to capture everything in this shot - the hungry intern (Noah), his anxiously-awaited meal, oversized soda, and the restaurant which we patronized that evening.

More images on the way!!

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