Monday, March 20, 2006

Google Eats Abbreviations For Lunch

I'm researching for debate and I compiled a list of terms and abbreviations that I wanted to look up. When wikipedia didn't give me any results, I tried Google. It came up with some interesting results for "LVCC."

1. Little Venice Cake Company (ooooohhh...=)
2. Lehigh Valley Canoe Club
3. Las Vegas Convention Center
4. Las Vegas Cigar Company (ha! I was really looking for that one! :) (Jonathan isn't allowed to comment on that...)
5. Las Vegas Computer Company
6. Livermore Valley Camera Club

I'm sure all those sources are really going to enhance the intellectual quality of our debates *lol* Google's great, but don't trust it for everything ;)


Anonymous said...

Tehe! Google can be... well, interesting at times. ;)

chelsea said...

Hey you should send the link for the cigar company to my Dad! ;-)