Thursday, March 09, 2006

Snow Day!!

With about 4.5 inches of snow it goes without saying that we had a fun day. With all the little kids' excited jabbering at 6:00, I got up earlier than usual. There were plenty of picture opportunities and I took quite a few--some with a future painting in mind. This evening I remembered a certain place that would probably look cool in the snow, and ran up through the woods in shorts, a t-shirt and my coyboy hat with the camera. Halfway there I realized that, not only was I stupid to venture outside in summer clothes, but I'd forgotten the card for the camera.

There were plenty of snow ball wars, and Daniel and the other kids made a snow castle like the witch's in Narnia. Oh, and we also tried firecrackers, smokebombs and Jumping Jacks inside snow volcanoes--didn't work very well.

Since when have we had snow in March? Pretty unexpected, but definitely a welcome surprise. :)

Some photos:


Anonymous said...

Haha, *gasp* that was too funny about you forgetting the camera card; I can just see it! :D The snow pictures are so beautiful! It doesn't look anything like that over here; it's melted. Btw, your house looks like a Thomas Kinkade painting!

chels said...

Hey Benj, you know that third pic from the top--the one with the snow on the branches would make an awesome watercolor using Mr. Baughman's method. You could make the sun coming from behind, maybe a sunrise.... If you used the right blue I think it would turn out really nice.

Benjamin said...

You're right, that would be cool. I really like how that pic turned out. Wish I could have found some icicles--I've always wanted to try my hand at something transparent.

Anonymous said...

So not fair you got all that snow! Could you ship us some Priority Mail next time it snows up there? :)

Sonja said...

Pictures of snow in the Northwest are so much fun to take!

Benjamin said...

Makes me wish I was taking those pics with my own camera...:( (it's Dad's)

Pete, aren't you guys are moving to Michigan? If anything we'll be asking you to send a few inches our way! :)