Friday, August 24, 2007

Carlsbad Caverns: A Panoramic View

Dad and I spent the day at Carlsbad Caverns NM. It's late right now, but since I'm connected to lightning fast wireless internet I'll tide you over with a few of my best panoramas (Photoshop has an excellent stitch feature, try it out!). This cave is mindblowing, like nothing you've ever seen! and we were privileged to take a tour into some of the most stunning chambers in the Caverns. Don't you worry, I've got a lot more info and photos to post on this visit.

Rock of Ages
(column on left)

King's Palace

The Caveman
(lower left stalactite formation)


Stephenb said...

Pretty cool - did ya'll do any exploring?

Benjamin said...

Well, they don't let you venture off the path but we pretty much saw the whole cave from the trails. It's incredible, if you ever get a chance definitely visit.

Adam Nisbett said...

I doubt you saw the whole cave, but rather all of it that is open for the public to wander around. There is a lot more of the cave that has no trails.

Looks as impressive as when I visited!