Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We're Here!

It's been a long day--lot's of flying, walking and driving--but Dad and I arrived safe and sound at Grand Canyon this evening.

It's breathtaking. See for yourself.

As we drove out of Pheonix to higher elevations (7,500 ft.) I got to see my first saguaro cacti! Totally cool (and kind of wierd...it looks so different down here). There was also a pair of Pronghorns grazing on the grasslands, a herd of elk in the woods by the road, and several Mountain Chickadees foraging energetically on the rim of the canyon. Lots of new stuff :)

Sorry this post is so disorganized, the wireless network in this hotel is kinda' slow and I'm sleepy... So what can you expect?... :) G'night


Josh V. said...

Have you gone on the Skywalk yet?

Benjamin said...

Is there a Skywalk? (I guess that answers your question) We didn't see anything advertising it, I think it's being planned but hasn't been constructed yet.

Benjamin said...

OK so it is real, but I heard it costs $75 to walk out on it. Personally I'd rather just lean over a sheer cliff and get the same view. :) Maybe some people would be uncomfortable doing that...can't imagine why?