Monday, August 27, 2007

The Party

Too long ago on a homestead not too far away... :) Ok, seriously.

Two Thursdays ago our family traveled up to the Bittner's house in Olympia to celebrate a triple birthday party for Jacqueline (18), Gabriella and Abigail, in the form of an English country dance. I'll be honest, I knew that I didn't know how to dance, and I was a little bit reluctant to wear a costume, but before I knew it we were rolling up the interstate in long stockings, makeshift breeches (or whate'er you call 'em), vests and poofy shirts. :) Mom said, "Daniel Bittner needs to be a politician if he's convincing enough to make my boys wear all that." Anyhow, we fit right in and had fun with it.

Since we arrived early, we were taught most of the dances we needed to know for the evening, practiced for a while and then met some new folks as they began arriving.

Everything fell together (including the weather) and we all had a fantastic time of fellowship and fun. Mom took all these photos (I didn't even touch the camera--amazing huh?)

Virginia Reel

Tree Huggers

More reels

Josephina holding Christianna

Live music

Bittners and Berkompases

Christopher and Aimee

Daniel Bittner

I'm in there somewhere

Jacqueline and her father

Me again

Brian (middle), his sister and Daniel

Jacqueline and...Abigail? I'm wrong aren't I? :)

The official "Happy Birthday" quartet, Daniel, Phillip, Stephen and Stephen


Anonymous said...

Ah-ha! Remember when we girls used to tease you guys about dancing? ;) That looks like so much fun! Especially the dressing up. Thanks for posting pics!

Anonymous said...

Hey you got the twins name right !!!! Glad you made a post finally

Stephenb said...

Thanks for posting. And btw, there is nothing to be teased about dancing - it takes great intelligence and presence of mind to do what we did. Right?