Saturday, August 11, 2007

Faces of the Wedding, Part 3: Funnies

Having fun Joe?

"Man, some guys with their cell phones..." (Peter and Stephen)


Hear ye! Hear ye! (Stephen)


"Huh, what? Why are pointing that camera at me?" (Matthew)

Carissa, what did you put in that cake?...

Mr. Vangelder

"Well, I was just trying to find the middle ground between formal and casual" (Jesse)

"You meant to do that"

"Did you say c-a-k-e?" (Josiah)

"Maybe if I can't see the camera, it can't see me..." (Jeremy)

"My little brother's such an angel, I know" (Jeremy and Matthew)

"Now you smile Anna. No, not like this..." (Anna Lynn and Jessica)

How to say "hi" Stephen-fashion


Anonymous said...

You had my whole family cracking up with this post. ;o] Great pictures! And funny captions, too, ha!

Benjamin said...

Thanks. I love it when people do silly things for the camera :) The joys of being a photographer...