Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Creation Museum

Last month (December), I was able to go up to Cincinnati OH for the Sufficiency of Scripture Conference, and as part of the conference package attendees got a free pass to the Creation Museum!

If you're familiar with my other blog you already know that Creation science is one of my main interests, so this was a dream come true! It was far beyond what I had imagined and I'm so thankful that Answers in Genesis put this one-of-a-kind museum together to showcase the true history of the earth and the majesty of God's Creation.

I don't have time to write in-depth about my visit, but enjoy the following images I took with my new Canon 7D. (These have been lightly edited, but my computer is being cranky so I couldn't spend more time on them).

The "Tree of Life" display

"Now the serpent was craftier than any beast of the field..."

Adam, after the Fall

The construction of the Ark

Only Noah and his family were saved (this was a really neat miniature)

And the Ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat (another neat miniature)

Noah offering a sacrifice of thanks to the Lord

Our film The Mysterious Islands, for sale in the "Dragon Hall" bookstore

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AndraLeaRose said...

Wow, that looks like quite the experience, and a great one at that.