Monday, January 11, 2010

Time flies...kind of like a duck

I used to not notice it. Or maybe it just didn't used to be this way. But if my sojourn in Texas has taught me anything it has taught me the importance preciousness of time. I like to say, "Time is like money you have to spend." You can't put it in a bank or a mutual fund and then someday pull it out and use it then.

I think there are two general classes of people when it comes to their philosophy of time. Some people act without self-discipline, as though their time was being taxed, sucked involuntarily into their favorite entertainment or hobby. Others view time as an investment, something that must be used wisely to further their long-term mission. The first kind of person is usually shallow and frivolous, the second is purposeful and visionary.

Ironically though, I've found that the bigger your vision, the less time you seem to have! The more you want to accomplish, the less you feel like you're accomplishing day to day. So wouldn't it be easier to set small goals, things you can achieve with relative ease from the comfort of your favorite armchair?

Absolutely not. When you begin to look at life from a biblical perspective you begin to grasp just how brief life really is, and just how little we understand of the victorious Christian life! There are stories of great men of the past, men full of purpose and vision, who made investments for the future, knowing full well that they would never live to see the fruit! Their investments are paying off even today. (I'm thinking of men like John Calvin, William Tyndale, and countless others).

I feel like I'm rambling, so I'll wrap up this "longer-than-I-meant-it-to-be" post and let you move on with your life. The point is, time flies...kind of like a duck. If you've never paid close attention to ducks (I'm talking about wild ducks, not those plump barnyard types), you probably don't realize just how fast they can fly. They don't soar leisurely like eagles do, drifting ever-so-slowly upwards. Most ducks can fly like quadruple-shot caramel mocha on wheels. In other words, they're fast! If you're not on your toes, they'll fly by before you ever get a shot at them.

So what exactly do ducks, history books, armchairs and quadruple-shot caramel mochas have in common? Not a lot. The point I'm driving at is that you really need to evaluate how you view time. It really is like an investment! You can invest it in things which you know are never going to bring a good return, or you can choose to invest it in those things which absolutely will pay off, not only in this life but in the next!

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